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    Yea me!!!!! Cool Back when I first started in January I set a goal for myself of 20mpw. Doing simple math I figured that is what I needed to able to loose 1 pound a week from running alone. First week started with three 0.7 mile runs that absolutely kicked my rear. Every week I increased my weekly milage by an average 10%. Some weeks I increased more and some I cut back on some. Now I have to come up with a new goal. I don't 10% rule will work for me much longer. I could not imagine doing 40 mile weeks as soon as August. I think I am gonna shoot for an increase of about 5 miles per week every month or so. I think that should be a very sustainable increase. Long term plan: I want to run a marathon. I am not gonna make any kinds of plans that direction till I have at least a consistent 35 mpw base for awhile. I don't think there are any races I am interested in locally till the fall. So another words I need to find a bit of direction now for my running. I started as an overweight (255 pounds) sedentary smoker and progressed to a slightly less overweight (228pounds) running addict. I think I have done okay for myself. Not bad for 5 months of work.

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      Way to go Chris! Keep up the good work. That weight loss is pretty impressive, too, BTW. Arla

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        That is awesome. I want to work my way up to 20 mpw also. You're an inspiration
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          Way to go! After only 5 months too! You've inspired me to try to increase to 20 as well. I just hit 15 mpw and I've been at this for a year! Time to push out of that comfort zone - again. Laker

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            Great job!!!! And yeah, 10% only works for so long!

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              Way to go, Chris. Consistency is key. Keep at it and keep up the great work. You're doing awesome!

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                Thank you for all the support. I think Running Ahead is gonna help me stick with it. Accountability really helps.

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                  Congrats! Twenty-five can not be far off.

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                    I can totally see 25, 30 looks very scary.
                      I can totally see 25, 30 looks very scary.
                      That's how it works. Keep your eyes on 25. Once you get there you will be able to totally see 30.

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