Next year - time clubs (in addition to the mileage clubs)? (Read 612 times)

    Here's an idea I thought I thought I'd throw out there to you Running Ahead 'wolves' to shred: Maybe next year, in addition to our mileage clubs (i.e., the 1000 miles, 1500 miles, 2000 miles, clubs with the pace bunnies), maybe we should also have time clubs - that is, 150 hours, 200 hours, 250 hours, etc. After all, from a basic fitness point of view, isn't it the time spent running that's most important? Ah, but maybe time spent running just isn't sexy enough.... Tongue Just a thought....

    CPT Curmudgeon

      Makes sense to me, since I know a few people who run based on time, not miles.
        I like it, too. It emphasizes the work done, rather than the speed of the runner.
          Time is not sexy enough.

          Runners run.

            For purely selfish reasons, I love it! It fits my new training so well.. trying to increase miles, but have to slow down lots to do that... So my hours for October are way high compared to my miles: October: 152.8 Mi 34:23:36 September: 109.0 Mi 22:05:54 August: 82.1 Mi 14:02:18 July: 87.0 Mi 13:15:03 Yikes I am slow.

            My Little Pal

              It's a great idea. We'd probably all be better trained if we based easy/long runs on time as opposed to distance but I have a real hard time using that measurement as my priority. I think if I work at it, I could .... and I'd be a better runner (translated to faster racer) for it.
              At the end of the day, be happy with where you are and what you've accomplished.


                I tend to agree Ray. I also enjoy the runs more when I run for a certain amount of time, as opposed to a certain distance. When I run for a block of time, I fall into a comfortable pace and just go. When I run for a set distance, I tend to push more, thinking I need to improve my clock time. Since I'm a relative newbie and low mileage guy, I just need to pull back and enjoy the experience!

                  There are many different reasons people run. For 2007, I was trying to lose weight and to stick with running, so I set a goal to run 1000 miles. The 1000 mile club was a fun way to keep me going. In 2008, I don't want to set a mileage goal or a time-spent-running goal. What good is it if I log 1500 miles, or run for a total of 2 weeks, if I am still slow, injured, or just not improving? My goals for 2008 will be about improving race times. What kind of clubs could we think up that would motivate people to improve their running?
                    What kind of clubs could we think up that would motivate people to improve their running?
                    Great idea, Stephen. Maybe most improved on a total time and/or percentage based system. This would have the downside of putting runners who are already at a higher level at a disadvantage - but it would be great for the newer folks like you and me.

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