Topic preview and location option (Read 133 times)


    2 feature suggestions:

    -Most forums have a feature where you can mouse over a topic to see a preview of the first post. This helps when folks post vague thread titles like, "Check this out!" or "Why did this happen?" or "Best thing ever!", etc.

    -Having a location option for members, which would show up in each thread is helpful, especially when they are talking about regional/local stuff. Folks could leave it blank or be non-specific (Southern Cal) or specific (Anaheim, CA) or obtuse (caught in a time/space continuum).


      Man, rwol shipped the mouseover thing and it was awful. if we do it here, be that the model of how not to do it.



        Yes, I've never seen the mouse-over done as poorly as on RWOL, but hey, that's Pluck for ya.