What made you get into running? (Read 883 times)

    I think all of this pussy-flinging is taking away from the main point: Obtaining quality women via effective marketing. 


    This is exactly my point, thank you!  I run and workout so some woman might want to date me....why else would I put myself thru the pain and agony of running?

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      I'm brand spanking new here today and yes I'm a refugee from RW.  So if this thread has already been started somewhere else I'm sorry.  Anyway, what made you get into running?


      About 4 years ago I was in a relationship and got comfortable; being comfortable I didn't think about being in shape.  Needless to say the relationship ended and I was out on the market.  To improve my marketability I started running and watching what I ate.  Not to mention my sister who is a runner wanted a running partner.  After running for a handful of months and eating pretty healthy I looked and felt better.  When I first started running I would enter some 5K races; the main goal was just to finish without walking.  Now I run them to PR every race and I'm trying to do at least one race a month.  Now I do a lot more weight training and I use running and swimming as my cardio, but I still love my running.  


      As far as the girl who put me back on the market, well I ran into her a year later at a bar and she really liked what she saw.  We slept together and I realized why we broke up in the first place.  I should thank her for us breaking up because I'm more healthy (fitness and mental wise) and I'm a hellva a lot happier.   Single life is much happier when women actually want to date you and it's your choice to be single.






      *helluva lot happier

      Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.

        Why indeed. But now that it is 2012, of course, and we are living in the brave new mobile, cloud-enabled world, all the basic rules of marketing have changed. In-person, one-on-one, marketing is so 2008. 


        Thus -- the social Internet, "What made you get into running?" thread. Good luck. But at least now you can stop actually putting yourself through all that agony. 

          This is exactly my point, thank you!  I run and workout so some woman might want to date me....why else would I put myself thru the pain and agony of running?


          Huh.  Here I was running because I enjoyed it.

          "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
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            This is exactly my point, thank you!  I run and workout so some woman might want to date me....why else would I put myself thru the pain and agony of running?


            So, what happens when you obtain one?
              So, what happens when you obtain one?


              Then it's time to diversify your portfolio.  

              "Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.  Climb that goddamn mountain."

              Jack Kerouac


                So, what happens when you obtain one?


                He stops running and becomes a fat slob, again. It's the circle of life.

                No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

                Better I Leave

                  Three years ago I was overweight and on meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. My blood test back then came in very bad. My doctor told me that I was approaching pre-diabetes territory and that if I continued my lifestyle, he would have no choice but to put me on more meds. He gave me 3 months to do something...That was my "wake up call".


                  Having been a former bodybuilder, I told him I knew what I needed to do...and I did it. Through a strict diet and walking/running I lost 45lbs and my blood test came in spot on perfect. So much so that my doc asked for permission (minus my personal info) to show my "before and after" results to patients what can be done in 3 months.


                  After that, I continued to run (and enter races/challenges), maintain a good diet, lift weights...in other words, I adopted a new lifestyle...and never looked back. Smile


                     I started running so that i would be able to save small children and dogs from burning buildings if i had to.


                    As far as getting women and marketing myself, I don't know anything about that - I'm married. My wife is so beautiful she makes all other women look like men.























                    (Yeah, you guessed it, she reads the stuff on my pc sometimes)


                      Why I started - fatness

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                        My first run other than in games was when I was 11. I hiked about 3 miles through the foothills to a friend's house one afternoon . When I got there he wasn't home. I proceeded to take off my shoes , stashed them in the bushes and ran the long way home on the rural roads and semi rural roads!  The first six miles or so were o.k. and I ran about 90% of it. By the time  I hit the part where I had to run through a gravel shoulder or get hit by a car my feet were tired and sore. It was getting late so onward through the gravel pit I ran and walked. It was about a mile or so before the shoulder was better to run on. After the gravel pit I ran about 1/2 of the rest of the four miles.

                        I think I fact checked this once and it was about 10 miles total(plus the shod hike).


                        My next run, other than in basketball or baseball playing,  was 7th grade PE and I got an automatic "A" for running the mile under 6 minutes(also barefoot). I never trained for that, but since then figured I was somewhat of a runner at the least( as if taking off your shoes out of the blue and running 10 miles isn't enough of a hint). I  ran a lot ,off and on, but mostly on until I hit 35, which was 15 years ago, then I quit altogether. I have never raced much. Over these years, a pretty healthy diet, hard construction work and then my hobby farm has kept me fitter than average, but not great . 5 weeks ago I started a running centered cross training program to treat some nagging injuries and get in shape.   It's humbling how tough it is to get started this time.  A body at rest wants to stay at rest, or something like that. In the first few weeks most of the injuries are no longer to be felt. That's a neck injury that frequently bothered me almost all night, pulled upper back tendons, shoulder strain, and tendonitis on the top of my left foot. Well the shoulder strain is a bit noticeable at times, but I have taken my tennis racket out and been able to serve just fine. I think it's getting better.  Yes, I am against using medication if it can be avoided.

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                          Why I started - fatness



                          Plus quitting smoking (3pk day-ugh).



                          Just run.

                            Probably because it was faster than walking

                            Runners run.


                            Not a dude


                              Plus quitting smoking (3pk day-ugh).


                              I wasn't fat, but running helped me get through nicotine withdrawals when I quit smoking this past April. It seems to be pretty common. Smile

                              delicate flower

                                I started running in order to improve my awesome.  Apparently, I'm doin it rong.