2:40 to 3:20 marathoners - Is there a dead zone? (Read 156 times)


Mother of Cats

    I think some people subscribe to the "ice cream sundae" theory of training - the idea that the more you can pile on, the better (unless you pile on so much that it all topples over).


    However, proper training is much more like baking a cake - it's about adding in the right things in the right proportions.  And too much makes the end result worse, not better.

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      A sundae is a waste of good ice cream. Ice cream should be able to stand on its own with a minimum of toppings.


      I'll die on this hill.

      Runners run.

        So assume my 5k pace is 7:00 and my marathon pace is 9:00.


        What I think this thread is telling me is that (i) substantially all of my running should be slower (maybe much slower) than 9 and (ii) I will get all or substantially all of the training benefits by running at that slower pace (say a 10:00  pace) as I would at running at marathon pace or quicker.




        (I realize I should know, but I may have been led astray at some point.)