Trouble with IE8 (Read 46 times)

    I had to wait till I got home from work to post this.  My company just updated my Internet explorer from IE7 to IE8.  When I had IE7 everything looked funky, but I could still access all pages and still do everything (ie - map my runs, post messages).


    Now that I have IE8, no map appears on the map my run page.  The forums look much better, but I cant seem to post anything.  And also, now I can not see anything on my Training Log Summary page.


    Is there a security setting or something that I need to hit that might be blocking all of this stuff?





      Hi Jeff,

      Do you see a yellow warning icon on IE's status bar?  That would indicate a JavaScript error.  You could also try pressing Ctrl-F5 to force IE to bring in new copies of all the JavaScript files to see if that makes a difference.


      I can't believe your company is so far behind, and that they only update to IE.  You must be still on Windows XP...


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        Mine is still on IE7 and no hopes of downloading a better version!  I look at the funky pages and the warning above them, but there is nothing I can do at work with such dinosaur.



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          Are you allowed to install software on your computer?  Chrome would be a good alternative.

            No message at the bottom except "Error on page".


            When I try to post a message, it looks like there is a yellow bar at the top of the page that appears but it is kind of hidden so I cant see what it says.  Not sure what else to try.


            I cant install software on my computer and we are still on Windows xp, but they say we are going to Windows 7 soon (but I'm not holding my breath).

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              Install Firefox or Chrome if you can.  They are more modern browsers and automatically keep current.  You can leave IE8 on if you have to.  Just google Firefox install or Chrome install.   It's easy to install either one.  Tell your IT staff that Microsoft recently announced support for IE8 and XP ends in April 2014.


              MS is ending support for Windows XP and IE8 in April 2014.  There will be no new security updates after that date.


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