Avenue of the Giants, one more time (Read 368 times)

    My MPW  have come down and my pace has come waaaay down due to hip troubles, but I've been going down to run the Redwoods since 2006, so I'll just run a survival half.  Of course the real attraction is a Raspberry Brown Ale at the Lost CoastBrewery.  Anyone else signed up this year?

      very sad to say that I will not be going to the av. this year.  will be going down in July to visit family & running a 5k at the Arcata marsh (4th of July) .   Be careful on that HM as that portion of the road, as you of course know, is the toughest with the rolling & the uneven/potholed pavement.  Have fun at the brewery & if you have a chance on your way out of town grab a few bagels at Los Bagels.


      oh & Chuck why do you feel the need  to use the Avenue of the Giants as an excuse to drive nearly 600 miles just to drink some of that Raspberry Brown Ale?

        Big Sur for me tomorrow.  I'll admit that I saw your post and thought "hey, I could . . . ."  But I don't think I'm there yet.  Wink  Hope you have a great time next weekend!