Looking for some advice to consolidate my training (Read 99 times)


    Hi Otter,


    Thanks once more for the great advice, I really appreciate 


     The tough news might be that if you are a type 2 athlete (still to be determined) the Marathon is most likely not your best event.   But, maybe you do the Marathon as a personal challenge and explore the possibility that you might have fun developing into a really good miler in the master's division?  Either scenario is a good one, I'm just making a suggestion based on a hunch.

    You nailed the point.

    I've never run competitively, and I just enjoy distance running so I am more on a self-discovering journey than anything else; I like setting goals though, and I think a good long-term goal for me could be something like qualifying for Boston.


    I never thought about trying to actually race shorter distances with a competitive mindset, although now that you mention it, it could actually be something that I'd have a lot of fun trying out, either 1500m/3000m (sorry, no miles here ) or even 800m. I will definitely take that into consideration.




    I should also mention that Pfitz and Daniels are both extremely good programs. I have never analyzed why but I know a lot of type 2 runners doing very well with Daniels. It probably is because the regular running paces are a little more aggressive in pace than other programs.

    That's actually the same as I was thinking purely based on feeling, right now I am following Pfitz base training tables, but I find myself often tweaking the "General Aerobic" and "Endurance" paces a bit faster, often trespassing into "Marathon Pace" territory.

    My body seems to like it, so I figured it can't be that much wrong 


    In general, since the definition of "Easy Pace" varies a lot, and often offers wide ranges in pace, I tend to use my HR as a reference and try to run my easy runs in the 75-80% of HRmax interval. (The guy that tested me in the lab suggested that I run my easy runs at <161bpm, which would be around 83% of my HRmax).

    Is this an ok way of thinking, or should I focus more on pace (or even power, given I have a Stryd also)?

      No problem.


      I tend to work more with HR and pace.  I am not certain of the Stryde thing yet.  My classmate Tom Schwartz (handle - Tinman) at the IAAF Academy with me was really into it at least back in 2018 when we were together.  He might be the best person to consult about that.  You might be able to reach him or one of the people on his team at runfastcoach.com.


      My mentor thinks the Stryde thing is a gimmick so I am conflicted as to whether there is value there.  I haven't analyzed it the way I should to have a valid opinion.