qualifying times for the NYC marathon - half and full times (Read 3188 times)

    On performaces in the last year or so I'm 23 mins outside the new marathon time and 4 mins outside the new HM time. On the old times I'd be 1 min inside the HM time and 11 mins outside the marathon time.  So I'd agree that the HM times seem softer.

     I agree.  Also, you can make many more qualifying attempts in the half than you will be able to in the marathon.

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      The new women's times are insane for the marathon. To qualify as an open woman (18-39) you have to run sub-3:00. To get entry into the sub-elite tent and start at this year marathon you had to run 3:05.


      I missed the open men's marathon time by 3:41, and the open men's half time by 4:5x. I move up to the 40-44 group next April, so I only have to run 1:23/2:50. Looking at that I think sub-1:23 is slightly easier than sub-2:50. Hopefully I'll be way under 2:50 in Boston to get my 2013 qual time.

        I think the open women got screwed. 3:23 to 3 flat. Really? I like the idea of the NY automatic entry becoming the new BQ. You're pretty hardcore if you can get in on time in NY.

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