Would You Run? (Read 1222 times)

    I would ask the local runners in Tokyo how they feel about running, and how safe they feel it is, why or why not. Seems like you get better info rather then from random runners from an internet forum in the States. In general if I saw others running I would run. If I felt it was too dangerous to run due to the air I would leave ASAP. Running or not.

      I am still refraining from running outdoors.  I can't help but to be extra cautious in this environment.  As for the comment to leave the area immediately if I feel this way, I simply can not nor would I.  There is a big difference to me in walking from the car/bus to my room is not the same as a solid 30min plus outdoor running session. 


      I am probably safe and clear but if not running now adds years of running to my life then let it be. 

      "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas"  Davy Crockett