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    Traits of a successful runner person


    http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/index.php/articlePages/article/18 <-- Probably a lot of people have already read this, but I just did today.


    I just read this article and cannot agree more. I started thinking about this afterwards and realized that while my goals are really to improve my racing, that is not the same goal for everyone in the club. Even so, these tips are pretty good life traits as well.

    I recall last year as I was just finding my way and Steve Monks told me it would take two years to really get into shape, I'm starting to believe that now. But the other 4 tips are so true for almost all realms of living.

    1. Don't dwell on the bad. It happened, it was an anomoly; move forward.
    2. Find your Sweet spot. Don't do what the other guy is doing just because. That way may not be your way.
    4. Be Tenacious. Don't abide by reasons it can't; find a way to make sure "It Can"
    5. Be confident. I think confidence was my greatest weapon in running as a youth. I didn't necessarily think I would win every race, but was very confident that I trained right and I might get beat, but I would not lose. The distinction on this last point is big, in my opinion. Some people are just faster, bigger or stronger than me or they may even have out trained me; they would beat me. Some people are not as fast or didn't train as well as I did, I would not lose to them.


    Anyhow I enjoyed the read, it took my back to competitive days.

    2017 Goals: Give up goals; they're stoopid


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