Gracefully taking time off (Read 257 times)

Gator eye



    I suck at taking time off, I fidget, pace, half ass cross train, get in arguments with the wife, and in general just walk around in a foul mood.


    I know my IT band needs rest, but after a day or two it doesn't hurt, maybe I could do alittle run it probably won't hurt a thing.

    Around mile 4 my IT band starts talking again, then I cuss myself out for having no self control and running even though I know I need time off.


    Start again.


    I suck at time off..........Got any suggestion to pass the time. (Almost sounds like a jail sentence doesn't it)


    I'm thinkin I going to get drunk and give myself a hang over, that will keep my shoes in the closet for another day.

    some call me Tim

      Just my opinion, but in a similar situation things went better when I found cross training that I actually liked and could do for a reason other than 'busywork'. Ashtanga Yoga, which didn't aggravate my symptoms and made me both break a sweat and find a peaceful moment, and if I really needed to work hard - pullups and pushups. 3 and 5, 10 seconds rest, do sets until you can't. But yeah, find crosstraining that you *like*.


        This is what landed me in the world of triathlon, but even at that, I took off the month of October and just did short workouts that felt like fun.....so no time trialing but mtn biking instead. Yoga, weights, walks with the family.