How to fit a 10k into week 3 of Pfitz 18/70 (Read 56 times)


    I'm getting ready to start a Pfitz 18/70 plan and have already encountered my first potential issue.  I'm running a 10k on the 25th, which will fall on a recovery day during the third week of the program.  What's the best way to fit it in?  Should I just swap it for the 9M w/ 4 @ HMP that's scheduled the day before and run 5 easy miles on the 24th?  That would give me a little taper before the 10k, which would be nice since I will be part of a team representing my running club competing against another running club, so I want to do my best.  I'd also like to PR and try to go sub-40.  I usually do a couple of miles for warmup prior, so I'll end up with 8 miles total, 6 of which I'll be racing.  Sounds like a harder workout than the run that's currently scheduled for the 24th, so I think I'd be ok.  Thoughts?


    Monday          20-May    Rest or cross training
    Tuesday        21-May    Medium long run 11M
    Wednesday  22-May    Medium-long run 13M
    Thursday       23-May    Recovery 5M
    Friday             24-May    Lactate threshold 9M w/4M @ HM pace
    Saturday       25-May    Recovery 5M
    Sunday          26-May    Medium long run 15M
    Monday          27-May    Rest or cross training
    Tuesday        28-May    General aerobic + speed 9M w/ 10x100m strides
    Wednesday  29-May    Medium-long run 14M
    Thursday       30-May    Recovery 5M
    Friday             31-May    Medium-long run 11M
    Saturday        1-Jun       Recovery 5M
    Sunday           2-Jun      Long run 18M


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      Honestly, sounds like you already know what to do, Dtothe2nd.  The only thing I'd add is to take care with that 15 miler after--do it, but accept it may be slower than usual.  Since you don't have much real fast-paced training the following week, looks like a great time to do it.


      It's also great practice at running long on tired legs the day after the race.

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        I'd agree.  Easy run on the Friday, race the 10K on the Saturday, enjoy taking it nice and easy during the 15 miler on the Sunday.


        I made similar adjustments when I was following Pftiz plans; just make sure you're following the spirit of the plan and use your best judgement when it comes to fitting it all in around real life.  I was really pleased with the results.  Good luck for your race.

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          Alternatively, move your lactate threshold run to Tuesday. Then take it relatively easy on those medium-long runs (which I believe Pfitz recommends you do anyway). This allows you to still get that workout in while giving yourself a few days of semi-recovery before the race. And again, run your normal "easy" pace during Sunday's run - not the faster "long run" pace that Pfitz normally has you do.


          I believe Pfitz lays out a few options for integrating races and shifting your schedule around. Check out earlier chapters of the books. These are, by the way, the same options that Daniels gives (indeed Pfitz just seems like "Applied Daniels theory" with some exceptions. I loved doing his 18/55 plan last year). Reading Daniels led me to take Pfitz more seriously when he says that his schedules are flexible.


          Monday          20-May    Rest or cross training

          Tuesday        21-May   Lactate threshold 9M w/4M @ HM pace 
          Wednesday  22-May    Medium long run 11M 
          Thursday       23-May    Medium-long run 13M 
          Friday             24-May    Recovery 5M 
          Saturday       25-May    10K
          Sunday          26-May    Medium long run 15M

            Sounds like a harder workout than the run that's currently scheduled for the 24th, so I think I'd be ok.  Thoughts?


            I agree. A 10k replaces your LT workout for the week but it's a much harder workout, so you'll need to see how you are recovering in the days after. I'd probably plan to take Sunday's mid-long run very easy. Laughin' scratchin' easy for the first 5 miles, like a recovery jog, then gradually work up to normal easy/general aerobic pace.


            Don't try to to do both an LT workout AND a 10k race in the same week. They fit in the same category training-wise but he 10k is a much bigger effort. My .02.

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              Thanks everyone!  I'll go with the swap then, let the 10k be my LT workout for the week and then go easy on the MLR.


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                Late to the party, but I agree.  Substitute it with the 9 mile tempo run and with wu/cd, you can even run 9 with 6 @ 10K pace Smile



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