2 PRs in one week (Read 146 times)


    Hit a 6:14 mile, which is my fastest yet. Not super fast, but fast for me. Trying to get sub-6.


    Also, hit sub-30 for "Murph," clocking in at 29:14.


    For the non-crossfitters, "Murph" is a Hero WOD named after LT Michael Murphy, one of the SEALs who was killed during Operation Redwing. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions taken during the mission to save his team (the book Lone Survivor is about the mission, which ultimately took the lives of more SEALs than any other action in history). The workout is:


    1 mile run

    100 pullups

    200 pushups

    300 squats

    1 mile run

    Wear a 20 pound weight vest or combat armor if you have it.


    I'm only posting this stuff because it's really the reason I joined. I've been reading this forum for a bit, and it's definitely helped me go from an 8:30 mile to a 6:14, and hopefully a sub-6 soon. So this is a brag thread, but also a thank you thread.


    So, thanks!

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      Wow, man. Your work on Murph is pretty amazing to me. I'm not really a crossfit guy, but I do like the bodyweight WODs and couldn't dream of going under 30 on that.. nice! (not to diminish the mile PR, of course Smile )

        Good job, although I can relate to the running part, any of the following is just about impossible right now, 20 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, or 100 squats, even by themselvnice never mind together or with a time goal

          Nice work!!  Congrats!

          - Joe

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              I can barely do 15 push ups...and I'm struggling on the last 2!


              All I can think about is the muscles you must have!!



                How does one perform a Murph?

                Do you do all one category at a time?

                or do you break it up into sets?

                For example,  (Quarter mile run,  25 pull-ups,  50 pushups, 75 squats, quarter mile run)x 4


                Is one way considered tougher than the other, and given more weight in terms of bragging?


                What's the record for a Murph? Or at least the fastest you've seen?