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    I have been running for about 2 weeks. Over the last 10 years I have started and stopped running several times, usually because I suffer some sort of injury that sidelines me for a few weeks...life happens and the weeks turn to years. Well, went to family reunion today and ate way too much. We got home and I thought I needed to hit the track to burn off some of those calories. I set out. I had a 6 mile run in mind, I have been running 4...so this was a bold attempt. At 3 miles my legs started aching. I tried to keep running to see if it went away. After another half mile it had gotten worse. I could tough it out another 1/2 mile I thought, but it was going to hurt bad and I would probaly be sidelined for at least a few days. So, I fought my pride...remembered some things I read on here...then I stopped and started walking. I finished the 4th mile then started jogging every now and then, but mostly a brisk walk. Three things happened. 1) I finished 6 miles 2) I realized at about 4 1/2 miles that if I would have gone the other route, I would have already been back home...sitting on the couch...watching football...putting calories back in. Instead, I was still burning calories and would continue to do so for another 30 minutes. 3) I will wake up in the morning ready to run again...Mentally and Physically Thanks for all the stuff I have read on here about how to prevent injury.
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      Nice work, Ben! Yep, there are some wise peeps around here. I have applied a lot of what I have learned here to my own running and it has kept me (mostly) injury-free and consistenly on the roads. Smile k

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        Way to go Ben! Way to be smart.

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          Congratulation on 6 miles. These people not only have a lot of great advice but provide some really great inspiration to keep you going.

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            Fighting the pride... boy, do I know that one. Pride is usually the predecessor of "How could I be so stupid??" Big grin Congratulations on your new milestone. You're right, there are a lot of good and knowledgable folks of all ability levels on this site. Keep up the good work!

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              Nice work; looking forward to hearing about the first 8 and 10 milers now... Big grin

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                Thanks guys. I rested today...I had run 5 days this week, so I believe I needed it. I was going to go for a short 2 mile run this afternoon, but I fell asleep holding my 3 yr old son and chose a nap with my little buddy. So, my legs are under me...I feel GREAT, and most of my soreness is gone. I am ready to hit the pavement in the morning for a 4.5 mile run (I'm upping it a half mile, and see how my body feels).
                2008 GOALS GET BELOW 175 (at 175 now) RUN 6:00 MILE (at 6:29) RUN BELOW 25:30 5K RUN BELOW 55:00 10K RUN A MARATHON (DEC. 6TH - MEMPHIS - ST JUDE)