Newton Running Shoe Lovers? (Read 193 times)

    Do you wear Newton running shoes?  If so, what is your favorite model?  I've had the Momentum, the Gravity and the Sir Isaac.  The Momentum is great for cold and messy weather.  The Gravity is a harder shoe, lower heel, but will probably last 600-700 miles (I have 400 on mine and the lugs look good).  The Sir Isaac is probably my favorite -- it seems to have more cushioning.  It's like a summer version of the Momentum.


    What about the rest of you?

      The Sir Isaac and the Terra Momentum is the exact same shoe, except the upper and the heel is filled in.


        I'm 100% a Newton convert. I've been wearing the Gravity as my main running shoe for a little over a year, and I've run almost 2000 miles between three pairs. My latest pair have almost 700 miles on them and they look like they'll be good for another few hundred or so. These shoes totally changed the way I run, and they definitely seem to stay "good' for longer. The cushioned shoes I used to wear would still last maybe 400 miles, but after 250 they just didn't feel the same.


        Luckily, I found some of the 2011 model on RunningWarehouse last year on clearance for about $90 ($80 after discount), so I bought several pair since I knew I liked them. I haven't been brave enough to buy the racing models, since they're still a bit spendy for not having much rubber on the bottom.


          For $150-$175, I don't care how good the shoes are. I ain't buying them.

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            I have been in the Gravity for two years now - great shoes!   I am thinking about moving to the MV2s.



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              I've worn out a pair of Sir Isaacs and now running in Momentums.  Love them!

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                I'm another recent 100% Newton convert. Bought Motion rather than Distance S as I thought I would need the harder heel outer whilst transitioning. Planning to get the Distance later this year.


                Man, these shoes are fast! Almost unbelievable. I still have 2170s that I'm wearing for long plods, but intervals and tempos are significantly faster.


                Love them. Yes, that's a lot of money for running shoes, but I have to mail order everything where I live, and by the time they give me free shipping and a Canadian distribution centre, so I pay no import duty, it works out no more expensive for me.

                  Aside from the overreaching, wallet-busting price tag, I have a major issue with the garish look/color combinations of the shoes.  Yuck!  Other than those two issues, I'm sure they're great.

                    I love my Newton Gravity's, I am in my second pair now. I think they are an awesome shoe. My first pair last a little over 700 miles, so hoping to get the same ammount of work out of this new pair. My LRS runs great sales on them and I got my second pair for only $99, so it is possible to find them cheaper. My only complaint is that the sizing is pretty inconsistent, I wore a size 9 (womens) in the 2012 model but had to go up to a 9 1/2 in the 2013 model


                      Been wearing Newtons for 5 years, lady isaac and gravity trainer were the last 2 models I bought.  I like them in races up to HM distance, but haven't had much luck in full marathons with them.

                      I rotate them with other shoes for training. Sometimes can get them on sale. They last me a long time. 1-2 years.

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                        My wife won't run in anything else, much to our checking account's dismay.  That said, they do seem to last a lot longer and she runs a pretty low weekly mileage, so it works out fine.


                        I tried a pair on at an expo, loved them, thought they might help me economize my stride a little bit, ordered a pair later when I could afford them.  Ran a few miles on a track when I got them in and decided they weren't helping as much as the light jogging around the booth had led me to believe, just felt like regular shoes with a weird bump under the ball of my foot.  Exchanged them.


                        Not saying others' good experience with them isn't valid, just that they weren't worth the money for me.

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                          If you are at the far ends of the size spectrum, runningwarehouse has $175 Newtons on sale for $28.


                          I was already getting some stuff from them, and am a shoe whore, so I figured you couldn't go wrong with trying any running shoe for $28 (plus a 15% discount).  It has a weird area under the forefoot that sticks out that you are supposed to land on. The rest of the shoe feels very hard. Not just not cushioned, but hard. Walking around in them feels a bit like walking around in cycling shoes. I think I am more of a mid foot striker, but probably start heel striking when tired. These shoes forced me way up on my forefoot. I figured I would just try them for 30 minutes, working on and thinking about my gait. Halfway through my calves were screaming. It felt like I had done an endless amount of calf raises without ever letting my heel touch the ground. I worked for 11 hours on my feet after that, which was a great thing because it kept my lower legs loose. This morning has been a hobble fest, though.


                          I'll try them again next week. Maybe a once a week thing to strengthen my calves and concentrate on form.

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