Favorite Race Packet Swag? (Read 1048 times)


    5th Anniversary of Pikes Peak was in 2005. All entrants got a black messenger bag with the race logo on it. Love that bag... it's my gym bag after a one-year stint as my school bag! AND all finishers got a fleece jacket with the PPM logo embroidered on it. That was the awesome-est swag ever.

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      I like nice ink pens. Always something everyone can use is good.


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        The Flying Pig really does give you a nice bit of stuff. The last two years I have gotten pretty cool bags (LY - A shoulder bag and This year the sorta one strap back pack) They were selling a similiar Asics bag at the show for $35. They also give you a poster and a running shirt that is dri wick so you can run in it. I do wish they would put some reflective stuff on the shirts but they are still pretty nice shirts to run in.
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          The Annapolis 10 Miler usually has pretty good swag -- last year I got a half zip fleece (although on the 30th anniversary they gave some crappy little glass boat, and people were quite unhappy!). The Virginia Beach RnR Half MAILED ME a free hot and pair of socks a month after the race. How cool is that?!
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            Did you run Flying Pig?!?
            Ran the half, Trent. Thought you knew! They gave bags to us halvsies too... Wink

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              Ran the half, Trent. Thought you knew! They gave bags to us halvsies too... Wink
              I had no idea. I would have LOVED to have met you and bought you a drink!!!
              The Flying Pig really does give you a nice bit of stuff...a running shirt that is dri wick so you can run in it.
              Yes. The single ugliest shirt I have EVER received. Dri-wick sure. But where is the pig? Some square pink blob at the bottom? That ain't no pig! "Get your feet revvin'"?!? What is that? And what is that clock thing? What does that have to do with the marathon? Where is my pig?!? Every other year's shirt was great. I now need to run again. Sheesh. I actually emailed the event organizers to see if they had a training shirt with a better pig that I could buy...NO RESPONSE. Double sheesh. Roll eyes How bad is the shirt? Need I say more? (image courtesy of Professer)
                Well, with the "revvin" theme, perhaps it's supposed to be a tachomyter (sp)... would be quite a "rev"... Roll eyes But yeah, I was also a little disappointed there was no real pig. Maybe next year... Wink

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                  I just picked up the packet for a 10k race I'm doing this weekend and got a nice dri-fit shirt with this logo on the front: I also got to draw a paper out of a fish bowl and got a $20 gift certificate in the store that was sponsoring the race. I ended up getting a long-sleeve Nike cold-weather tech shirt off of their clearance rack. Not bad getting two nice shirts out of one race.

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                    I won my AG in a 5k soph year in HS and got a sweet Avia duffle bag. Don't tell anyone, or I may have to forfeit all my subsequent HS races! Wink

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                      iPod arm band... I guess technically it was for a phone, but it fit my mini perfectly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I think I have the ugliest collection of race t shirts ever... I've been burned many times on the technical T upgrade - spending extra $$ on an extra heinous shirt. Angry You live and you learn, I guess.


                        I got a fluorescent yellow running vest for running in the dark of Alaska winters at the Klondike Road Relay one year. I use it for running and biking. Great Swag!
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