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    hey, Im 14 turning 15 in July and now going to be a sophmore in high and neeeding help for a great summer workout schedule for XC preperation.. can anybody helpp?! I run 17:10-17:40 and PR at 17:08 and need sum help becuase I dont kno a thing about training Sad helpp would be wonderfull! Big grin

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      For consistency, I'll post the same here that I did on your original post.
      MullyRunner010, First off, congrats on your excellent PR! That's a very fast time to have run and only be heading into your sophomore year. Second, you may want to post this question under the General Running or Racing forums. The Off the Beaten Path forum is often non-running, and more often non-serious. As far was what to do this summer, I think the most important thing you can do is simply build up your mileage base. For XC, you're ultimately going to want to peak in October when the big races occur, so I don't see a ton of value in doing a bunch of speedwork during the summer. Here's what I suggest: 1) Try to run 5~6 days a week during the summer. Don't go for 7 -- a body needs a break. 2) Increase your mileage, but don't increase by more than 10% a week (i.e if you're at 20mpw, only increase to 22 mpw the next week). 3) Do most of your runs at an easy relaxed pace. 4) Once a week do a tempo run. This consists of a 1~2 mile easy warm-up, 20 minutes at a brisk pace (6:05~6:21/mile for you (I've based this on an 18:00 5k, assuming that you're not in PR shape now) but don't be too obsessed with the pace ), and a 1~2 mile cooldown. 5) A couple times a week, on your non-tempo days, throw in some 100~150m sprints into your runs after you're well warmed up. Don't blast all out, but run fast and controlled. We call these "strides" or "striders" and they're really more of a form drill than anything else. Think fast and relaxed. Good luck. Build up those miles, and you'll be strong and ready to handle the speedwork that your coach will start throwing at you in August!

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        Congrats on the PR! I just run when I feel good (have had some recent heal issues) and when I don't feel good I take the day off, but usually I try to run about 6 times per week. As above, I run about one tempo run per week and try to do strides about 2 times on the other days.... For the rest of your runs, just keep it fun! We all need to enjoy the sport in order to keep doing it. Make your log public! We can help you more if we see how you are doing. You can check out my log if you want to see how my runs have been... I started posting on this site just after I had a heel injury, so my times and distances are what they should be, but I am starting to get back on track. I am 14 as well, so we are at about the same level (even if you are about 3 minutes faster than me...). I am heading into my freshman year, and will probably run XC next year, so I am just getting ready as are you. And, my only truly bad run since I started on this site is my 5 miler a little while ago... I hurt my heel and had to walk back, so the time is bad. Undecided
          hey thanks for all that info guys i finally have a feel for what i should be doing over this summer to prepare,Thanks again! Big grin o and thats cool youre 14 too yea i let my log viewable by everyone now, yea but i just started so it has about a weeks worth of entrys lol but thanks


            Jeffgoblue's post pretty much hits all the main points. All I can add is to be sure to listen to your body. Don't force youself to do a hard workout just because it is scheduled if you wake up and feel tired.

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              The most important thing by far is base miles. They should be easy enough that you can run day after day without get sore and worn out. Going too fast is worse than going too slow. Your goal is to show up the first day of practice in the fall having run as many total miles as possible, without hurting yourself or burning out. Tempo runs and strides are nice, but they're just secondary, and if you're really inexperienced they can be counterproductive.
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