Possible to be competitive/PR with this arrangement? (Read 228 times)

    I know a guy who smoked a pound of weed a week and ran a 4:45 mile wearing high tops in gym class.

    Runners run.


      Oddly, I did set my 5K PR after this last marathon training cycle.  I also set a 10K PR in the 10 Miler I referenced above, which is why I mentioned poor race strategy. Black eye   For me, it seems like an hour of racing is about all my legs can muster that soon after a hard effort.


      2 weeks after my 1'st successful BQ attempt I raced a 5k that was sort of okay, and the next day a half that was an abject effing disaster. I couldn't even hold the pace I'd just run in the marathon 2 weeks prior. I imagine with 2 more weeks it might have been a little better, but probably not much. I'd pick the half beforehand, no question.

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        I am shooting to do the Houston Marathon this January. I have half marathon scheduled that I would like to do a month later that I would like to be somewhat competitive in. I haven't signed up for either because I don't want to sabotage myself for the Feb race. Has anyone hit a HM a month after a Marathon and had little drop off?


        I ran my first marathon in Nov. 2012 (did a 3:56, which met my time goal of less than 4:00).  I didn't really resume any focused training after that - just did random runs based on feel and whim.  Exactly a month after my marathon, I did a HM just because a bunch of friends were doing it, and I crushed my old PR by 6 minutes (got a 1:44:11).  YMMV.