Goofy Race and a Half Challenge Race Report (Read 1037 times)

Now that was a bath...

    Great report Eric. Great report Eric. Smile Great report Eric. Smile Big grin I am not so sure that you should exclude yourself so flippantly from the insanity of ultra running after doing those two races back to back. If you had slept in a tent between the two and ate sweetbreads and Big Macs - it would have been an ultra! I too am surprised that Disney wasn't super-organised. Your point about them trying to fill the park during the low season makes sense though, it's all about money at the end of the day. I was really touched when you pushed the guy in the wheelchair! Although I did smile at the insanity of the 'runner' in the seat. He should post here on RA - what is it Kirsten says 'The freakier the better!'. Hope that your aches and pains disappear quickly and that you enjoyed your break in sunny Florida. Claire xxx
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