runningwarehouse.com gift certificates on sale - 20% off (Read 710 times)

    www.runningwarehouse.com is by far my favorite online running site, and for a limited time they are selling gift certificates at 20% off.  They have free shipping (no minimum order) and free return shipping if necessary.  It's like a "make your own sale when you feel like it" sale.




    Last year I paid $80 for a $100 gift card, and that was almost enough to buy two pairs of shoes when the next big clearance sale rolled around. 

    Greater Lowell Road Runners
    Cry havoc and let slip the dawgs of war!

    May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.


      Good deal -- thanks for the heads up.

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        So you can get the Asics Gel Kinsei 4 Men's Shoes Neon for 20% off of $185?

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        sincerely silly

          I feel weird shipping these by 2nd day air...

          shin splints are my nemesis

            I bought like $500 worth of these last year. I used them. I'm scared to buy any this year knowing that I'll probably end up using them, too.


            MTA: And now I've spent $160 this year. Sigh.