Importing data from Suunto and MovesCount website (Read 89 times)


    Hello! Just wondering if anyone has had any luck importing their lap data from the MovesCount website (the site Suunto downloads your data to). I exported my data to a GPX file and while I can import the high level info (i.e., total time, total distance, etc.) into RA, it's not importing the lap data. Any suggestions on how I might be able to get those nitty gritty details auto-magically into RA? Yes, I'm a total nerd who likes to look at that information.

      Hi Cherry,

      Good to hear from you!  It would be nice if manufacturers publish their device interface docs so I can add support for them but I doubt that'll ever happen.  Without seeing the gpx file, I can only guess the problem.  I think the problem is the GPX format does not support intervals.  It does allow companies to extend the format to suit their needs.  If Suunto did indeed include the interval data, I'll have to look at the file to deduce the intervals format.  Could you send me a file so I can take a look?  Thanks!


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        Hi Eric! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Interface docs would be extremely helpful wouldn't they? I'll send you the GPX document ASAP.

          also heart rate information from the GPX file from suunto  is not correct. it takes the "min" HR and puts it in "AVG" filed in running ahead.

            Hi nettap,

            Could you send me a sample file to support@runningahead.com so I can take a look?  GPX is not meant to store workout data. I have to put in special code to handle the different data each company stuffs into the file.


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              sure Smile sorry missed your response. sending it now.


                Movescount also lets export data in xlsx format (which appears to include more information)  - I'll email you a sample file.


                Thanks for keeping RunningAhead top notch!

                  I never heared back after sending. did you get my files ?


                    I could not find your email.  I try to answer all emails but once in awhile a few may get lost in the traffic.  If I remember correctly, movescount data is not easy to import because the format changes depending on the data.  I have not yet generalized it yet.  Could you send me your data again?  Maybe it'll help me understand their format further.


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                      Looking at updates to this as I have a Suunto coming soon - gpx vs the xls solution dpakon described.


                      Love the support Eric ... always so good / quick

                        Any luck with this Eric? I'm considering purchasing the new Suunto Ambit 2 R but would like to know if I can get the info into RA. Movescount allows you to export GPX and XML format.

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                          Sorry guys. I haven't had a chance to work on it.  The project I was working on is taking much longer than expected.  I have to put it aside last week because Weather Bug is discontinuing its free service and switching to a new fee based service by the end of the month so I'm working on that...

                            No worries! I can just manually put in the info in the meantime.

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