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    The last two weeks I've had a lot of pain in my right foot-----definitely on the heel but more so on the outer side toward the back (basically where the red is in the picture). I have no pain at all in my left foot. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? My right foot does pronate a bit. Could it be from that? I can't imagine it's plantar fasciitis; I had that in high school and that pain was much more concentrated in the middle of my foot. The outer part of my foot gets pretty swollen, but it only starts hurting after a couple miles.


    I changed my running form about three months ago from landing on my heel to landing more on the ball of my foot (had two minor knee surgeries in the past). I recently started training for a half marathon and I'm now running about 20 miles a week.


    Is this definitely running related? I will say around Thanksgiving I got a couple new pairs of shoes to wear to work. They fit very comfortably, but the pain did start a week or so after I got them. Perhaps coincidence....


    I'm ignorant about all this, so if someone had any ideas of what the source of the pain is, or what they think I could do, I'd be much, much appreciative. Many thanks!


      Peroneal tendonitis probably.

      Runners run.


      Skirt Runner

        If it is really bothering you make a doctor's appointment. That was where my pain was a few weeks ago. I thought Peroneal tendonitis after consulting Dr. Google and Dr. Runners Forums lol-- but my doctor thought it was a stress fracture. My MRI showed a contusion (bone bruise) and ligament scarring as well as an inflamed Posterior Tibial Tendon (which isn't even where my pain was so the doctor thought the pain was probably coming from the contusion). Moral of the story we can try to figure out what's wrong ourselves, but it is best to leave the diagnosing to the doctors. I don't know how bad your pain is compared to what I experienced, but I have been in a walking boot for the past almost 4 weeks and the pain is gone...the doctor thinks if I didn't go in the boot and kept walking around on it I could have done a lot more damage to myself. Not saying you have the same injury I do, the pain is in the same place but there are clearly many different things that could cause pain there, and the treatment depends on what exactly is wrong. Good luck!

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