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    havanarnr - good luck!  maybe we will run into each other!


    dopple bock - i get a little flat too - which is what worries me.  I have gone back and input my runs for this month - it's not as consistent as I would like.  and my "test runs" this week have each felt a little more stiff.  hopefully, I will be able to get something a little more regular next week and do my best to make lemonade on race day!




      I finish the last 3 days before a marathon with 45 minuuts - 40 minutes and 30 minutes of running - I can taper and not be flat, I do not like to take days off


      If I ever tapered seriously for a shorter race - I would so the same

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        notsofast and havana,  I'll be in the HM too.   I'll also be helping at registration Sunday morn.  I'll try to take my pink pom poms to registration so introduce yourself to me if you wish. Would love to meet both of you.


        I'll be taking this race slow (which I'm slow anyway) since it's my last long run before my first marathon.  Good luck to both of you and hope you have a great race!

          thanks to everyone who gave me some sound advice and encouragement on this thread - the HM yesterday and I actually did better than I expected.  I ran light mileage on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of last week and took Friday and Saturday off and iced my ankles pretty good.  On race day I wore compression socks and Holy Cow, what a difference.  I made the top 40 and ran a sub 1:40!  Thanks again!


          Havanna and Pink - how did you guys do?

            Woo Hoo!  You did awesome!  You'll have to change your name since you are fast.  I had a killer time in the race.  Met so many cool people.  Was really trying to just run slow for a training run.  Then at Mile 10, I got on the runner's high.  Thought about holding myself back but it just felt too good to go for it for a little while.  Had fun!  I finished 30 minutes behind you.


            Are you from Tally?  If so, we have some good running groups around town.  Not trying to sell you on it but if interested, let me know.


            Havanna, how did you do?


              congrats guys, great race!

              HTFU?  Why not!

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