Realistic First Marathon Target time (Read 3779 times)

    Extra training tip: all the fast kids stop at 26 miles to pee before finishing.

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

      Extra training tip: all the fast kids stop at 26 miles to pee before finishing.

       ha, good one!


      I watched a half once after having to pull out of it at the last minute.  There was this kid (19ish) coming in really fast, great time, and I thought to myself that he looked really really sick.  As he bounded towards the finish line he seemed to look sicker and sicker, kind of hunched over as he ran.  Then it happened, once, twice, but he didn't lose his stride.


      Pretty gross, but still pretty funny.

        Ok -  I am going to run 3.30 or as close as possible.   At least under 4 hrs.


        Here you go,interesting link an interview Steve Jones who still holds the british record in the Marathon at 2hr 07min 13sec.  Basically saying that sports nutrition, cross training, etc largely don't add that much value.  “To improve at running, you run,”  I think just looking at the content on this board there is too much "analysis paralysis"from runners.  



        Happened to live in Chicago when Steve Jones ran this. Lived on Loomis street and was front and center to watch him cruise by. Awesome. That being said, there is a happy median between "run free as you feel" and the science behind how our body responds to training. The "breakdown" and "rebuild" takes time. I am sure Steve had many years behind him, and ran many miles going into this.

        train the way you want, go for the time you want, but incorporate some common fundamentals. A 26 mile run may be good for the experienced high mileage runner training for an ultra, but looking at the basic physiology of running, the time to rebuild from a 26 miler isn't worth the lost time you could be doing other workouts. As I calculate it, you have 66 days left, use them wisely.

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