Who is hungry? (Read 445 times)


    That is definitely what is wrong with the world today! Even my kids thought it was gross! Deep fried coka cola yech...they want deep fried root beer!
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    Princess Cancer Pants

      Deep fried Oreos are REALLY good. So are European Fat Balls (ask Bas about these...it's actually a Dutch thing). k

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        I love the deep fried mac&cheese balls at The Cheesecake Factory... or at least I did until I found out that each one had over 900 calories Shocked... no wonder they are so yummy!
          oh my gosh. I'm SO hungry. That beats the hell out of the cheesestick and hummus I'm eating now. LOL! I was trying to give up chocolate too and dh just called to lmk he was bringing me a snickers. I don't know whether to kiss him or kick him!
          Jennifer mm#1231