2017 Sub 3 Marathons...and beyond! (Read 323 times)


    Flash - I loved the race report and congrats, that’s some serious fast running in a marathon cycle. I ran my first small town half this past fall and ran into some similar issues like that, e.g. cars on the course. It’s quite different than major races!


    JT - Super impressive TT! I’m sure you could take another 15 seconds off in a race. 5Ks are great because you can race them so frequently and recover quickly for training. Very excited to hear you’re getting back into marathon training though.


    Weather - Just stepping off the plane in Orlando, one of my first thoughts was “I have no idea how anybody trains in this humidity” and yet it’s fairly cool for Orlando weather! I’ve thought about running some of those Disney races before but never sure if they were a disaster from both a weather and logistics perspective.


    Fly - What did Squirrel end up running at NYC?


    Me - Big fat 0 this week as planned. I’m in Orlando for this and next week and just taking things easy to let any lingering issues with the foot heal, although I haven’t experienced any symptoms besides pain on the spot if I really push in deep. Honestly I think it’ll be good to go with another light week planned next week of just two very short easy runs, but I’ll still take things easy and see how it does. After that, goal is to get back into the swing of things and just run easy mileage for the rest of the year.

    5K: 17:55 (6/17)  |  10K: 37:32 (3/17)  |  HM: 1:20:39 (5/17)  |  FM: 2:54:02 (11/17) 


    Next Race: NYC Half 3/18/18


      Flash:  Just wow and a awesome race report and congrats on the PR.  No fun to have to deal with traffic AND a Dog either!! You're obviously in such great shape right now.  Truly impressive running that HM time on top of that mileage.  You're going to crush you're next race.  Congrats again.


      IAM and Strugglr: Congrats again on the awesome races!  Looking forward to hearing more!


      Kram:  Nice looking week!  Hope the calf holds out since you're in really good shape.  Not much to be gained right now anyways.


      Paul and Andres:  Nice looking weeks.

      JT:  Congrats on finally cracking the 18 min 5K.  Your fitness has been there for a while - you just needed to get the pacing down.  Think you have some faster times ahead even on the road!  BTW, that's a nice week.

      Cinnamon:  Nice few weeks there, especially with all that has been going on otherwise.  Can understand the decision about CIM.


      JMAC:  Yup, welcome to our humidity Smile  I guess I have just acclimated over the years for the most part.  At some point though I think there is a diminishing point of return from a benefit standpoint as I'm sacrificing faster quality and/or turnover on a lot of my workouts due to the heat. Would love to see what I could really do in some cool and dry locations for some of my races.  Don't like the trend of November so far either as we are 12 days in and our overnight low last night was 75!  Much better than August, but come on now?


      My week:  Coming off the hot/humid HM race effort last Sunday was pleased to see that, for the most part, my legs recovered fairly quickly.  Wasn't totally expecting to get in close to 80 miles,  but I almost made it.  Most of the mileage was kept pretty easy though with the exception of my 2 workouts.  Most happy with my 18 mile effort yesterday where I put down 2T miles right near the near the end even getting the pace down to 5:51 for mile 17.  Hoping these Daniels style long runs pay dividends come late January.


      Weekly Summary
      Monday, Nov 06, 2017 thru Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

      <tfoot> </tfoot>
      Day Miles Pace Description Link
      Mon 8.3 7:53 Yay for a dew point back in the low to mid 70's 🙄 strava
      Tue 8.2 7:33 AM Miles: Where's the damp rid? strava
      Tue 5.1 8:02 PM Miles and a run into Bob strava
      Wed 11.2 7:38 Morning Run strava
      Thu 2.4 8:14 Warm up strava
      Thu 5.7 6:57 5 X 1+ T'ish (in lane 4) w/ Jon & Jen strava
      Thu 3.4 8:02 The cool down that kept going strava
      Fri 7.1 7:43 AM Miles strava
      Fri 5.3 6:48 PM Miles: Breezy Cocoa Hills strava
      Sat 4.2 7:50 EZ + strides strava
      Sun 18.0 7:20 Wind, rain, and Armadillos w/ Jen & Jon (3E + 4 X 1 Uptempo + 8E + 2T + 1E) strava
        78.9 7:34    

        Looking forward to the RR IAM.


        Flash thats just a ridiculously fast tune up.  The big show should be a helluva treat.


        Some other great looking weeks.


        well I got some bad news.  The leg isn’t getting any better.  The doc s pretty convinced it’s a stress fracture and we decided we can either get the MRI that will probably confirm what he knows or manage it the way we would if it was.  All these years and all those miles and never once have I had one.  The mileage I ran last year for my marathon in October and the disaster in Boston was about as high and tough as any recreational runner would attempt so to have this happen now is just maddening.  Looking at 5 to 7 weeks of almost nothing.  Thus ending the most difficult year of my life.  Going to be a tough road back but I’ll be back.  I put philly on the calendar for a year from now.  Plenty of time to build back to where I need to be.  Stay healthy boys and girls.

        HM: 1/17 1:18:53. FM: 10/16 2:48:27


          Swim - That's so tough to hear. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend the MRI though. As somebody who just went through a false diagnosis of a stress fracture, it might be worth it to confirm it given how important running is to you. As you alluded to, a real stress fracture can take months to heal, so you want to be sure the diagnosis is right. That, or a second opinion, which may be a cheaper way to go about this.


          Either way, get healthy soon.

          5K: 17:55 (6/17)  |  10K: 37:32 (3/17)  |  HM: 1:20:39 (5/17)  |  FM: 2:54:02 (11/17) 


          Next Race: NYC Half 3/18/18


            May I ride the coattails of awesomeness here? I've been lurking off and on every since my Boston failure. I'm happy to see the 2017 race spreadsheet made it over from RW so my worst performance can be remembered by all. But if a Personal Worst happens on a downhill course, does it still count?

            My mileage has been mediocre to okay the past few months (35 - 45mpw). I'm starting Pfitz 18/70 plan again for a March 18 marathon: Tobacco Road in Raleigh, NC. Today was supposed to have some tempo miles but I swapped that to Friday because on Sunday I did some MP miles (Running Buddy's pace and plan): 16 w/12 at 7m/m so a decent workout.

            It's been 2 years since my first and only sub-3 in Charlotte (2:58:46). Right now I definitely don't have the speed or endurance for a sub-3 as evidenced by a last-minute half in mid October (1:29:48). The Tobacco Road course is definitely flatter than Charlotte, but does have its bumps. Some of it is on a crushed gravel trail (railroad converted), so that could be interesting. Plus I'm assuming they pass out cigarettes at aid stations, so I'll need to learn to smoke.

            Enough nonsense for now. Last week's summary is below. I ride my bike to work, so it gets a bit cluttered. Let me know if you want me to remove all that crap and I'll tell you to scroll faster, err, I could see about that.


            Monday, Nov 06, 2017 thru Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

            <tfoot> </tfoot>
            Day Miles Pace Description Link
            Mon 14.3 3:47 Morning Ride strava
            Mon 14.6 3:40 Afternoon Ride strava
            Tue 8.2 7:41 Six Eight Hundreds w/ one lap recovery strava
            Tue 16.7 3:38 Morning Ride strava
            Tue 13.3 3:28 Afternoon Ride strava
            Wed 9.1 8:08 Morning RUN strava
            Wed 16.3 3:35 Morning Ride strava
            Wed 14.4 3:52 Afternoon Ride strava
            Thu 7.0 8:37 Morning RUN strava
            Thu 15.6 3:42 Morning Ride strava
            Fri 14.2 3:42 Morning Ride strava
            Fri 15.4 3:56 Afternoon Ride strava
            Sat 9.0 8:28 Morning RUN strava
            Sun 12.0 7:00 MP miles with Tim strava
            Sun 1.2 8:06 Post MP cool down strava
              181.3 4:47    

              Swim: Sorry to hear that, but I agree with JMac to at least get confirmation of it. If it is a stress fracture maybe you can do some of the underwater treadmill stuff like Deena did when she had her metatarsel SF; do you have access to any of that kind of equipment where you are? Even if not, there is a lot you can do X-training wise to keep your fitness so once you can run again you'll be back where you left off pretty quick.


              Weatherboy: That's a huge week for post-half marathon, nice job! You are certainly due for some cool dry weather, hope that it comes your way soon.


              Cinnamon: Totally understand the decision on CIM; no point starting if you're not 100%. It's tough to keep training consistently with all you had going on, plus getting a virus. Houston is a good choice and you can maybe see Andres there. BTW, nice weeks, that long run looks great.


              Paul: I probably would not try any long downhill runs just 3 weeks out from your race. Since you've been training with hills you should be ok.


              Matt: Welcome back!


              I''ve been thinking about what spring marathon to do. I'm thinking Ocean's Run in Rhode Island. It's early (March 5) so it should still be pretty cold (I hope). Nice flat course, 2 loops for the marathon, goes along the coast for part. A back-up plan, in case the weather is bad, would be the New Jersey marathon (thanks JMac for suggesting!) or Ocean Drive; both nice and flat, in late April. The risk for those is it might be too warm. If none of those works out weather-wise then I'll just run a marathon time trial on the track on a nice cool morning 

              5K: 17:55    HM: 1:23:57    FM: 2:57:35       

              Up next: Ocean's Run Marathon (March 4, 2018)  

              Elite Jogger

                Cinnamon - Those weeks look good to me and your recent race times have been very impressive! Looking forward to your January marathon and maybe you’ll have the first 2018 Sub3 on the thread. 


                Weatherboy - That’s a great week after your half!


                Swim - Sorry to hear that and agree with JMac on getting a second opinion. Is pool running worth considering if you’re out for a few weeks?


                Matt - Welcome back and yes your summary is a bit cluttered and combining running and cycling doesn’t really make any sense when you look at the overall average weekly pace.


                For Strava folk...it would be good if you post the details/pace of a quality workout in the description box.

                PRs:  5k - 18:21. 10k - 36:52.  Half - 1:21:37.  Full - 2:51:20


                2017 Races:  Half - 1:22:06.  Full - 2:58:30


                  Swim - that is some sucky news.  With any luck it may not be quite as bad as it sounds, but irrespective of that, all the best sorting it.


                  Mikkey - my use of the description line on Strava is regrettably limited to witty quotes, anecdotes, and references to the weather.


                  Flash - that is a smoking fast HM, well done.


                  Matt - welcome!


                  JTReeves - I've (obviously) never done one, but a multi-lap marathon course seems like it'd be quite mentally tough?  Recently the operators of the Auckland Marathon and several other NZ/Australia events announced a new half-marathon/marathon event in Noosa, Australia - I was mildly intrigued right up until it was revealed the marathon course is a 4-lapper!!  Honestly, having spent some time there I reckon I could come up with a better course in all of about 5 minutes!


                  Me - reasonable week at 68km and starting to feel almost normal after the marathon.  Legs still lacking a bit of zip but otherwise back to normal.  Should allow me to build into a few reasonable weeks prior to the Omaha Half Marathon.


                  5km: 16:43 (Auckland Corporate Challenge, Nov-17) | 10km: 34:44 (Albany Lakes Summer Series, Race 2, Feb-17)

                  HM: 1:18:20 (Auckland Half Marathon, Oct-16) | FM: 2:57:36 (Auckland Marathon, Oct-17)

                  Up next:  Omaha Half Marathon, 10 Dec 2017


                    RE:  Multi-lap courses - there is some research that suggest running familiar courses is mentally easier because you know what's coming.  That might make a multi-loop course easier.  Of course, the downside is running through the 6+ hour marathoners finishing their first loop as you finish your second loop.

                      I miss the email notifications from RWOL. Great job in Richmond guys. Swim sorrry for the shitty news.


                      Im trying to figure out my future fitness direction, whether Ibhave it in me to try at this again or just puts around with 30-35 mikes a week and cycling on Zwift/outside. I’m kind of enjoying the latter.


                      Did a 1:37 half on 10/29 in a downpour. Will do a 5k on Thanksgiving. Maybe try to get close to 20. Then a 10 mile race on 1/13. I’ll probably fall apart before then though.


                      I should probablh change my screen name


                      Must Go Faster

                        For Strava folk...it would be good if you post the details/pace of a quality workout in the description box.


                        Or you could join Strava...

                        PRs: 5k: 16:45 (04/17) -- 10k: 35:52 (03/16) -- 10m: 58:04 (04/16)  -- HM: 1:18:28 (12/15) -- FM: 2:47:11 (11/17)

                        Goals: 2:44 FM, 16:29 5k

                        Next Up: NYC HM (03/18), Cherry Blossom 10 (4/18), Boston (04/18)

                          Yeah hurry up Mikkey i want to see what Brighton offers Smile

                          Age 49              Recent PBS 5000m 18.18 sept 17 / 10k 38.44 june 16 / half marathon 1.24.00 aug 16

                          Overall PBS 5k 17.15 feb 14 / 10 000m 36.44 oct 13 / 10k 36.59 june 12 / half marathon 1.20.17 may 14 / marathon 2.54.20 nov 14

                            Great to see so many familiar names here. I just wanted to check in and thank you for keeping the conversation alive. Now that I know you're here, if and when I'm back in sub-3:00 fitness, I hope to join the discussion again.


                            Swim, my friend, sorry to hear the news. We certainly missed you down here this weekend.

                            Elite Jogger


                              Or you could join Strava...


                              Strugglr - Welcome to RunningAhead and that was an impressive first post. 


                              Piwi - I’ll be posting my training on Strava from Jan to April next year....including pics of Brighton. 

                              PRs:  5k - 18:21. 10k - 36:52.  Half - 1:21:37.  Full - 2:51:20


                              2017 Races:  Half - 1:22:06.  Full - 2:58:30

                              cinnamon girl

                                Mikkey: say it ain't so !!  

                                JMac: Wonder if it was a neuroma type thingy or a baby tendon not happy. Sounds like whatever it was - it will clear up with the easy mileage now. Good!

                                Hi Patrick !!

                                Weatherboy: super nice long run at the end of a near 80 mile week. Our temps finally came down - I was running in mid-80s two weeks ago but now it's fall. 

                                Matt: For some reason I'm thinking IAM ran Tobacco Road a couple years ago (??) .. I could be wrong. 
                                Swim: as JT says - do you have access to alternatives? An Alter-G or something? I wouldn't hesitate to ask Ben/NAZ elite. I can understand your frustration. It is maddening no doubt. It's part of the journey though.