I can't believe I *forgot* I was running! (Read 651 times)

    Oh, my! This is a new one for me! Ok, see, I was out on a nice long run today. It was a trail run in a wooded park. Weather was nice, crickets were singing, and I was just groovin' along. My heart-rate monitor was set to beep to remind me to stay in zone, and everything was good. It was about an hour and 20 minutes into my run, and I was thinking about something else... pretty intently... and not really paying any attention to anything else... And this little stray thought floats through my mind. It is noticing that the ground I see before me seems to be bobbing and it wants to know why. There is this pause in my mind, and another thought answers back: "Oh yeah! We are supposed to be moving forward!" This strikes me as hilarious, and I laugh out loud. Brought somewhat back more to normal, I realize that I had completely forgotten that I was running, so absorbed was I in what I was thinking about. This also struck me as funny, and I laughed again. Here I am, out running on a trail, and I let myself get so absorbed in what I was thinking about that I had absolutely no idea that I was still running! So much that it seemed puzzling to me to notice that the ground seemed to be bobbing a little... Apparently my subconscious understands very well what we were about while running because it kept me at the correct pace (my watch wasn't beeping at me) and kept me from tripping on the uneven trail while my attention had been completley diverted... Boy am I glad somebody was still at the wheel, because I sure wasn't!!! Blush Anyone else ever have something like this happen to them? It's a first for me!

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      Yup, I've had this happen a few times in the past month or so--mostly in the last couple of weeks when our humidity hasn't been too high (yesterday snapped me back to reality pretty harshly). It's incredibly cool! Big grin k

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