Running in upstate New York? (Read 367 times)


    I'm training for the Wineglass Marathon in September. We live on Long Island, and love to take small trips upstate during the summer. Because of my training and our son's camp schedule, we haven't been able to do that this year. Camp is over next week and we'd like to take some trips, but I still want to be able to run.


    Can anyone recommend some good places to run for someone unfamiliar with the area? We stumbled onto Rockland Lake State Park, which has a nice 3 mile loop path around the lake. I was able to complete a 15 mile run there. It was a little tedious and closer to home than we like. I would prefer something fairly flat and water along the way would also be a bonus. I'd be completing up to 20 miles during these runs. We usually don't go much further than Lake George to keep the trips short.


    Any advice or ideas would be great!

      just running on the streets in Saratoga is nice...


      Or you could go out to the battlefield and run the 11? mile loop...it has some rolling stuff...but it would be okay....maybe..don't remember about water though..

        You might need to narrow your request criteria. Bath is like 250 miles northwest of Rockland Lake State Park (which if you're defining Congers as "upstate", well....) and Lake George is 200 miles north. That's a lot of ground to cover to ask about places to run.

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          Yeah, Rockland Lake wasn't really upstate for us, but it was nice to find something relatively close. We've spent a lot of time in the Hudson Valley and are pretty familiar with the area, but not from a running perspective. We try and make it to Lake George once a summer, but most of our trips are closer to home. Of course, finding new places is also great.


          Thanks for the Saratoga suggestion. We've been there, but never investigated running.

            Look at the course map for the Mohawk-Hudson marathon in the Albany area.  Much of it follows a bike path along the river.  Very nice.