White Rock 'N' Roll 5 Mile (Read 502 times)

    This was a very fun race and it was made even better with a 5 1/2 minute PR! Woohoo! I woke up pretty early (5am) to the sound of rain? hitting the window and thought "Oh crap!". But I got up anyway and got ready. When I walked out the front door, there was not a drop of rain to be found in the sky or the ground. Turns out the water sound was because the dog ate one of the sprinkler heads and the water was landing on the roof. Hehe - another project to do this weekend. Anyway, I liked this race a lot. About a thousand people showed up for a morning of running, rock and roll, and beer! After a mile warm up, I met up with 3 friends from work a few minutes before the start. It was pretty humid and a little warm for morning, but oh well, I was just glad to be there. The course was an out and back with three bands playing everything from something that sort of resembled The Ramones to Black Sabbath (with real lyrics swapped for running related words - I don't remember the specific words, but I chuckled). Also, along the way, they had a very large cheerleading squad from Lancaster High School spread out around the course, cheering people on. A LOT of people made the comment that they wish they had that every time they ran. As I came within a quarter mile of the finish line, I started accelerating into what turned into a sprint (5:15 m/m for a brief moment). I ended up finishing in 46:06 but with a new PR by 5 1/2 minutes. We waited for the everyone to finish and then walked over to the party area where they were serving beer, pizza, beer, fruit and breakfast burritos, and did I mention beer? They had a very good Beatles cover band playing at the party area while they tabulated some of the results and did the awards. All in all, a very enjoyable morning! Modified to correct my race time to the official results which were just posted. It was basically 30 seconds longer - which was the time to get to the starting line. Ah well, still a 5 1/2 minute PR.

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      Well done Mike, great improvement! Sounds like a fun race.
        Dude, way to go on your time! My excuse (outside of my left knee still hurting)==> Well, I was catching up on my Z's. I just got up 30 minutes ago as my stay out in the Wild West of Parker County lasted a bit tooo long yesterday. Man, I missed out of free beer (I should of been a $5 spectator!) and young gals cheering me on. No Hope I can get in on a race to meet some RA'ers sometime... I just have to have a sunken cost aka pre-registration... it helps get me out. How was parking? modal


          I'll second that. Av. 1:12 min per mile is a great improvement. Cool


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            I'll second that. Av. 1:12 min per mile is a great improvement. Cool
            And check his log - he did that in a single month. After putting in some pretty good miles in April. Well done!
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              Thanks, guys! Too bad on the knee Modal. If you just got up, it sounds like more than your knee may be hurting. I hear you on the pre-reg thing tho. Parking was easy. I'm sure we can find a DFW area race and get a few RA'ers together.

              When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

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                Wow, that's an amazing improvement in such a short time! Sounds like a really fun race, too! Big grin k

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                  Holy crap, way to PR by that much time!!
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                    WTG on your PR Mike!! Sounds like an awesome race! Glad you had fun!!

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