Stregnth Training bug (Read 743 times)

    The exercises ar eno longer showing up for input. Can you look into it thanks, mpwildes
      mpwildes, Could you provide more information for me? Which browser are you using? Could you also provide me with a list of steps to reproduce this? As far as I can tell, it works fine for me, so I need more details. eric Smile
        I am using IE6. If you look at my log the stregnth exercises were working fine and then the next day, they are not showing up. there is nothing for me to select in the exercise portion.
          I use the Strength Training log 3x a week and am not having a problem with it. The drop down box for Exercises is a free-form field, you type into it what you want listed there.
          ---- Cynthia
            I came back form the gym and checked again and now the exercises are back. So I was able to fill in my workouts for the past few days.
              mpwildes, Are you using the same machine? What OS and browser do you use? I haven't uploaded anything new to the site, so the behavior can't be explained by that. I'm leaning toward some kind of change on your computer.
                I am using windows XP, I did nothing to change or alter the computer, I just left went to the gym and came back and checked and it worked. Computers have a mind of their own sometimes.
                  I am completely stumped by this. Is anyone else having a similar problem that can help shed some light on this?
                    I use winXP IE 7- I've never had any problems with this feature

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                      Crazy thing is the bug must be back. I have no exercises again. I have done nothing. I have not added or delted anything or upgraded nothing. Maybe it will come back in a few days again.