Lap counter or Cumulative Distance column (Read 832 times)

    I requested this in the past and never got a response, so thought I would try again.


    Most of us have our laps set at 1 mile.  When running distance, it would be convenient for there to be a counter indicating which lap it is.  It could either be a lap counter, or "Cumulative Distance" entry.


    When looking at the data from a marathon It is difficult to see where mile 17 is (for example).  One has to count down all the laps, 17 lines.  There is certainly plenty of room for another column for lap# or Cumulative Distance.


    GarminConnect calls the column "Split" and has a sequential number indicating each split.


      I didn't mean to ignore you.  Sometimes I lose track of treads.  Yes, I agree that numbering each lap would be helpful and I will add it for the next release.

        Thank you much!


            Fantastic !! Thanks so much !!

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              Very useful.  Thanks!

                Awesome!  Thanks, Eric!!!

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