Brooks Green Silence - REVIEW (Read 2169 times)

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger to buy another pair of racing flats. I just hope I am able to actually race in them soon. I have been using my Brooks T4 and Saucony A4 for a few years and needed to try something else. I would like to say I really like the T4s and not too crazy about the A4s for my foot.


    I purchased the yellow and red Green Silences on Road Runner Sports for $75 after my VIP discount of 25% off. They now have many colors to choose from but I feel the yellow/red is the best. http://www.brooksrunning.com/green-green-silence/green_silence,default,pg.html


    Here are other pictures of the shoes including looking straight down at them (to view color scheme and lacing) and also some other reviews



    COLOR: I really really like these colors. My wife is into wearing unmatched things and said, "those are cool - I want some". She has zero interest in running Smile


    FIT:  Fit true to size. I usually wear size 11 on all/most running shoes and these fit perfectly. The toe box is very roomy which made my bunion very happy. There is also soft mesh that gives in the bunion area. Also, 1/2 of the tongue is attached to the shoe and the lacing off to the side a bit. I must say this is a bit weird but I kind of liked it and it was not noticable while running.


    CUSHIONING:  I was pleasantly surpised. This is a 6.9 oz shoe I believe in size 9 and it felt like there was more cushioning than the T4s and ony about 1 oz more in weight. Some flats like the T4 I would not like to just walk around in because there is just not enough there. These shoes feel like I could wear them out and about and feel fine. AND maybe get some attention Smile


    PERFORMANCE:  I have not raced in them just one run outside for 4 miles and some running on treadmill. They feel real good. It is the best of the T4 with a bit more cushioning. I don't feel a raised heal like I do on the A4 (which is why I don't like them). I don't know if you could call this a minimalist shoe as the heel is certainly higher than forefoot but I do not feel like I am forced to heel strike. It just felt right. I didn't have an issue with my bunion which I will in the other flats (as expected). This may change in a race but again, I expect that. The rest of me is beat up so I don't care if my toe is also.


    STABILITY: None. You are not going to get stability in a running flat. I put in my full length custom orthotics in them which fit perfectly.


    CONCLUSION:  I love them so far. They are very light, have some cushioning, are balanced and just feel good for my foot. I say give them a try. They are also made from materials that are recycled and earth friendly! 

    Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

      i wanted to like mine- I used the Racer ST as a trainer, and was looking for a racing flat to replace the Adizero Mana version 3 or 4, I forget which.....the last model before they went to all blue.


      They are light, and the forefoot is flexible enough to accommodate a mid/forefoot striker. I didn't find them particularly cushy, which is good- I don't look for cushy in a distance flat. Anybody remember the NB 990 from 1982 or so? It was a really light but very cushion-y shoe which just felt creepy to run in.


      Any-hoo, I ran four HM's in the Green Silences, as well as some training runs. During the first half I ran in them, I felt a hot spot on my forefoot at the end of the race. I blamed this on the course, which had some crumbly macadam in parts....easy to get a stone bruise there.

      But, it was something about the shoes. During the last half I ran in them I developed a pretty nice-sized blister on my forefoot. I ditched the shoes with a little over 200 miles on them.....that's par for some racers, I guess. I replaced them with Adizero Adios which I've been happy with even though they are a blazing shade of neon orange which I'd love to spray paint over.


      I'm thinking that the GS's wider toe box is to blame here- I don't need a wide toe box, and the Brooks may have allowed my foot to slide around a bit on impact. I've never had any blistering problems with any other shoe.


      Just thought I'd offer up another review.


        FWIW, you could have gotten the same pair of shoes from running warehouse for $58.88 w/ free shipping.  Or, if you have a club discount code (or wait for one of their many daily discounts on fb) about $50.


          Tchuck, thanks for the review.  Post up when you've raced in them!


          SRL, RRS lets you return them after you've run in them.  Outside.  Sometimes that's worth paying a little extra.

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            FWIW, you could have gotten the same pair of shoes from running warehouse for $58.88 w/ free shipping.  Or, if you have a club discount code (or wait for one of their many daily discounts on fb) about $50.


            That is a great deal. Thanks for reminding me.  I was actually suppose to have a 25% discount off of $89.99 rather than $99.99. All the other colors were $89.99 so they gave me 25% off $89.99 rather than $99.99 but I now see thay haven't made that correction after checking my bank statement. This is a great shoe for $58.88. I really don't care for the other colors. I see today VIP pricing on RRS has the other colors at $62 with only 15% off.


            A lot of variance for weight. For Men, Zappos has them at 8 oz., Holabird 7.3 oz,  Running Warehouse 7.2 oz,  Brooks has them at 6.9 oz so that is what I went with.   FYI. The midsole height is 18 mm and forefoot 10 mm.

            Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

              Did my first race in them last week (5K). I loved them. They fit me perfect and feel great and look great! I had 3 people come up to me and ask what my shoes were. I have NEVER done a race in flats where my bunion was not distressed. My bunion felt great after this race. Not one negative I can think of for my feet with this shoe. I am hooked! I have no qualms doing a half marathon in them which I will do in May.

              Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!