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    I was wondering if the calf compression sleeves help prevent shin splints.  I already went out and got professionally fitted and bought new shoes hoping that would help along with ice. 



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      They may help. But the problem usually comes from some combination of...it's almost always an overuse injury aggrevted by too much forefoot 'slap' or other impact load, overuse, calf tightness, etc.


      First thing is to use icing and care with your gait to stop it from getting worse, then work on strengthening and streching both the calf (eccentric heel raises) and anterior muscles (toe drags).

      Good luck, but do pay attention and work on this -- it can be an ongoing and long-term issue that's worth your attention to treat and not just limp through it.

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        what are toe drags, Milk Truck? I looked them up but got a page full of hockey stuff. I'd like to give them a try.


        I found it helpful to do three heel-walking sessions per week. Stand in your sock feet and walk in place on your heels, keeping your toes as far up in the air as you can...three reps of 60 seconds each.


        All I have is anecdotal evidence, but I think it helped to knock out a nagging shin splint problem I had last spring.

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          Toe drags = my invented term for stretches where you plant your toes into the floor, so that the top of your toes are on the floor, and you stretch the anterior (shin) muscles by dropping your knee towards the floor.  (Think of a football wide reciever making a catch on the sidelines.)

          I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


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            Shin splints do suck.  I had them bad back in 2008.  I went to the doc and was set up with a home PT program.  I did a write up on it over in Runners World but I also have it in a word document.  Let me know if you would like a copy and I can email it to you.



            Shoes, pace, frequency of running compared to newness to running, and running surface are the main factors that cause 80% of all SS incidents.  You can do all you want to rehab them but unless you change the errors of your ways they will keep coming back.

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              Venom, this write-up is gold and shouldn't be confined to RWOL.  I'm sure there's a good place to post it here somewhere ...

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                Getting the correct shoes helped me alot, someone had me shorten my stride and that actually helped also.