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      I saw a video a while back that explained about shoe wear and when to replace. They talked about wear on the bottom due to running on abrasive surfaces and tears on the uppers.  However, nothing was said about the cushioning. I do most of my running on a treadmill and have around 450 miles on my shoes (creations) with 40 of that on the road. The bottoms have no wear and uppers look new. I've read that some runners replace shoes when their legs start hurting, meaning the cushion (foam stuff) has lost it's affect. Do most of you agree with that? Maybe time to replace mine? I'm 180 pounds, male, run 15 mpw. Thanks

      Are you starting to have leg or foot pain that might be due to shoe wear? If your legs and feet feel fine, keep going. It's not unheard of for people to get 1000 miles on a pair of shoes.


      If you're starting to have some niggles, and the soles and uppers of your shoes look great, you might try pulling out the insoles and replacing them. Even my most cushioned insoles get squashed flat over time, but since I do all my running outside, usually if it's time to replace the insoles, it's time to replace the whole shoe.

        I don't know the answer, but I dont think TM miles count in wear and tear on running shoes.


        I dont record TM miles on my running shoes for that reason (for TM runs for equipment, I just select 'no equipment')..............I might be wrong but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.....


        I have one pair of shoes that I wore only on the TM and they have over 800 miles and still look and feel pretty much like they did when I first started running them --  which is the reason for my answer (I know - not a very larger sub-set)....

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          There are tons of variables: your weight, your stride (and the many components thereof), the particular shoes, ...  I've had shoes that felt bad after <300mi, and others that I put 1500+ on (the Columbia, Nike's second airsole model after the Tailwind -- for the fossils out there who might remember them from the 80s).


          For me, these days, it's more that the midsole loses its flavor under the forefoot, and I start getting some soreness there.  Or I just got New Shoe Fever, and the only prescription was, well, you know.

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            Majope: Legs, feet, and knees do get lil pains now and then but I'm also increasing runs lately so hard to say if it's the shoes, probably not. I'm new at running (about 1 yr) and just wanted to be sure I wasn't overlooking something. Thanks for your reply.



            Phidippides: It seems TM miles need to count a little, huh? At least for the cushioning?  But hey, ok, they do still look new, and I like the fit. Thanks for your reply also.



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