Repair Petzl Headlamp? (Read 50 times)

    I have a 4 (?) year old Petzl Headlamp. It was working fine and now won't turn on. I tried changing the batteries with no luck. Can it be repaired? Petzl's site says if the LED dies there is nothing that can be done. 4 years seems a bit short for a headlamp. I have a 10+ year old Energizer headlamp which is still going strong and a $20 one that is 2 years old and still works.


    Any recos?

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      Does it work if you turn the power on and squeeze the housing shut? I had one where the clamshell housing was just loose and it allowed the batteries to become unseated and lose connection, but squeezing it shut, turned the light on, I just used some electrical tape on it and it eventually became my spare.


      BTW, the advances in LED headlamps in the past 4 years has been pretty significant, look on Amazon, for less than $25 you can get one that is over 10,000 lumens and has a red light in the back. My running partners run behind me and all I see is my shadow in the road in front of me. I have headlamp envy, so I am going to order one now.


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        You can try sending it back to Petzl and tell them you don't know WTF happened. They may send you a new one.


          iFixiit has some repair guides for petzl's They are an outstanding company, might be worth a shot: