handy runner sucks at least where I'm at and what I'm doing. (Read 284 times)


    I have cardio trainer, and handy runner for apps and then my heart rate monitor with pedo.  Handy runner is always ridiculously off on my distance and pace.  It doesn't seem to get a signal half the time until a few minutes into my run.  I sit and wait and the app says no signal while all my other apps do.  I like it because it has a lap button/counter but this mileage error due to GPS and the pace errors is frustrating me.  I ran 2 miles in 18:00 last night and it said 23:00 per mile.  Not sure whos math that is but it is certainly wrong.

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      I'm too lazy to do the math, but maybe that is possible if you ran some of it in the negative time direction, and it's using some sort of absolute function on your velocity?

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.