What do you do while running? (Read 1927 times)

    In addition to normal stuff like listening to music, talking with friends,  I too often count when running or do other math functions in my head but then again I count  any stairs regardless of running. Yes, I know what OCD is and accept the reality of being "committed to a cause"


    Jess runs for bacon

      I listen to music, but I'm trying to get away from that. I focus on my breathing a lot. If I'm on a hill I'll count each step to 8 then start over. Usually I just zone out.


      I really like the iSpy game. I may have to try that.



        -Let my mind wander

        -Check my cadence

        -Pretend I'm running a race

        -Work through "issues"

        John @ RnC

          I talk to friends; listen to Planet Money or Science Friday; and sometimes get lost then find my house at the next intersection...


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            I just spend time with myself. It's an hour that I don't have to talk or listen to anybody.

            It's just one foot in front of the other.


              I blow my nose....a  lot lately


              Running is stupid

                I blow my nose....a  lot lately



                I try to dovetail the gradual perfecting of snot-rocketing with the gradually declining temps.


                It's an art form, really.

                  I can't even think of what I do. I stopped listening to music some time ago, just run out of stuff to listen to after a while. It's amazing how you can just let random thoughts go through your brain for long periods of time. I mostly do the same 4 mile loop and sometimes I look up & can't remember which road I'm on. (Or occasionally even how many laps I've done.)


                  And I am more of a spitter than a nose blower.


                    I just spend time with myself. It's an hour that I don't have to talk or listen to anybody.


                     That's me.  I am a solitary man most of the time.  I love the peace and quiet.   I find that when I am on long runs (one to two hours or longer), I usually get one song stuck in my head, and I spend most of the time kind of replaying that same song in my head over and over.  Different songs on different days.  ---  Amazing that I don't get an Ipod and listen to a variety of songs.... Somehow that process seems a burden to me and I am so content to just be replaying the same song over in my head for a couple hours.


                    I find it odd that I can think through the same song in my head for hours and not get sick of it at all, but if the song were "played" on an Ipod or something numerous times, no doubt it would get old quick!  I can't explain it, I just do it.  It is what it is.....   :-)


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                      The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞

                      Roadrunner's Apprentice

                        Once I get myself in a nice groove I try to use the time to just clear my head of all the junk.  It's a nice 30-60 minutes of down time from everything.  I try to take in the scenery too, which a few days ago included running in a light snowfall.  That was fun.

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                          I study Chinese with either flash cards I have made, laminated, and put on a ring or I study Chinese by trying to read all the signs I pass by.


                          Proboscis Colossus

                            I study Chinese with either flash cards I have made, laminated, and put on a ring...



                            ...hoping there isn't a lot of traffic where you run?

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                              I stopped listening to music while running about a year ago, and I mostly run alone.  So I geek out on running form, pray, and let my mind wander where it will....

                                Oh I also count a lot, 1 to 20, 20 to 1,1 to 100 etc.


                                Me too.

                                Depending on pace there are 400-450 (either left or right) steps in one Km.


                                The highest I got while counting was 4000 steps (really boring ascent to a mountain hut while carrying 12kg worth of gear).