How many running shoes (active) in your closet? (Read 97 times)

Running Problem

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    Active: 2.3. same pair in different colors at home plus a pair at work I forgot about.

    Waiting/on deck: three

    Race pair I'm not counting as active even though they'll be used for my race this weekend and upcoming marathon: 1.

    Plus a trail pair.

    8 pairs of running shoes total. wow...umm...I didn't realize until now how many I had AND a pair is EVENTUALLY going to show up if FedEx decides they want to start delivering stuff again. so NINE total pairs.

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    VDOT 52.45

    5k19:35 | Marathon 2:56:07



      3 active pairs:

      1 pair of Skechers Go Run 3 for the treadmill

      1 pair of Nike Pegasus 38 for normal road running

      1 pair of Skechers Go Run Razor Trail for trail running

      (1 pair of Skechers Speed Freek for racing, but I don't race much anymore so this pair just sits in the closet waiting for action)

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