Reply box is tiny (Read 593 times)

    I noticed this yesterday and today. When I reply to a topic, the text box where I type is very narrow. If I compose a new topic, like now, the size is correct. I'm using Firefox v.2 on WinXP. - R
      Just tried to reply to my own post to double check and I'm able to reproduce easily. - R
        Happens to me on occasion. The funny thing is that the problem comes and goes. I also use Firefox.
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          You're right! I tried creating a new topic and it happened to me. Went back and did it a gain and it did not happen. I kept going back and repeating and each time I get a different width for the text message. - R
            I've seen this occasionally, but I'm not sure what's going on. Next time it happens, can you grab the HTML source behind it and send it to me. Oh, take a screen shot too. Thanks!
              Just sent both to you by mail (I hope I got the address right). To repro, I just click on the Reply link. If it doesn't happen, I go back and repeat until it does. Thanks, - Ronald


                i have a the info eric send it to?
                  Geoff and Ron, Thanks for the help. I'll look into it when I get a chance. I just found a critical bug and needs to have it fixed right away. eric Smile