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    Hey all, I'm new to running. Just did my first run today for 2 miles at an 8:30 pace. A little about me - I'm a photographer as my living. I'm a cyclist and a rock climber (and newly a runner!). If any of you are on bike forums.net, my name is FixedDriveJess!


    Hope to meet you all and become friends.




      Welcome! This is a great community, with a whole lot of collective wisdom and experience with running - you've chosen well. Big grin


      One note of advice that I've gathered from the running greats around here, if you want it Wink - while you sound to be in very good aerobic shape from your cycling, running impacts your legs in a whole new way, so while you may feel like it's ridiculously sluggish, you should start real nice and slow so your legs and feet have time to adapt to the new form of stress without getting injured.


      Again, welcome! Smile

      2014 goals:

      1. Run a minimum of 1.5 miles every single day of the year

      2. Run 1500 miles in 2014

      3. Get my weekly mileage above 40

      4. Brown belt in Shaolin Kempo

      5. First Half (Oregon Wine Country HM?)

      6. PRs: Sub-21 5k, Sub-45 10k, Sub-45 Spartan Sprint, Sub 1:55 HM (Oregon Wine Country HM)

        Thank you for the advice!


        Being a cyclist and having 20mph feel normal all I want to do is run fast, but I guess I have to work towards that.


          Hi Siqbird.  Welcome and hope to see you around for a while!


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