Running as a bandit - can it be justified? (Read 449 times)

    There is minimal safety risk to running the course the day before.  No more than any other run.  Do people only run on closed race courses or  trails?  I know there may be higher risks on specific courses like NYC but the OP used the word safety in regard to a generic course.


    If the race is a 5k or 10k I will always run the day before.  For longer races close to home (Cherry Blossom, Army 10 miler, Baltimore Marathon) I always run the course a few weeks before the race.









      There is minimal safety risk to running the course the day before.   


      But not the middle of the night before while blindfolded and wearing headphones.


      Will Run for Donuts!


        Man, you can say that again.   We visited DC this year and went by the White House to take a look.  The closest you can get is outside the fence which is at least a couple football fields away.  Just cops and a bunch of people milling around on a sidewalk.  Understandable, but the current situation certainly belies the phrase, "The Peoples' House".


        You just need to go around back.  You can get a much closer view from Lafayette Park, right behind the White House.