Running parachute (Read 874 times)


    Im not sure if this is considered cross training, but has anyone used the Parachute? If so, did u see results? Does it really work?


    http://http://www.shapeupshop.com/fitness/running/power_chute.htm = this is what it looks like.

    Hold the Mayo

      As I understand it, this device is more to gain "burst" speed, over extremely short distances.  It will help you improve in the really short races (100m / 200m events, maybe the 400) but much beyond that you're not going to see a useful increase in speed that you couldn't get from normal track speedwork and putting in miles. 


      I've seen it used for football players and some track / field events, with some success / increase in speed in the first few seconds (i.e. "out of the block" speed) . 


        thanks for the response. I just needed someone elses advice for a change

          haha we used it in middle school cross country. just for fun basically.

          Our coach would bring it on a really windy day and we would run over to this park, strap it and and SPRINT downhill and then jump right at full speed and the wind would catch you. It's really fun. We got a picture of my friend and I (he has two parachutes) getting 3-4 feet in the air. It was amazzzing