RunnungAhead does not seem to logout automatically after idling for a long time (Read 944 times)


    And it seems closing the window does not logout either. This is good for always using RA from home. But sometimes people may access RA from a public computer
      thats true it doesn't. i prefer it that way as i leave RA open on my home PC pretty much all the time and it would be very annoying to have to log in every time i wanted to use it.

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        If you are on a public computer, you can always click "Logout" in the upper-right hand corner when you are finished. That is what I have to do when I check RA from work...ahem...from a public computer.

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          Hi jingchunyu, Unless you checked the "Automatically login" checkbox when logging in, your session should go away when you close your browser. I just tested this again with IE7 and Firefox and both go to a logged-out state after being closed/re-opened. You may want to check your browser's Cookie settings as it may be improperly holding on to our session cookie. Cookie settings in IE6 Cookie settings in IE7 Firefox privacy settings Hope that helps. -brian