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    Does anyone know of any good run planning software? I'm looking for something cool like RunningAhead.com, but for planning future runs instead of recording previous runs. I'd like to be able to: * Record running plans (e.g., distance, type, intervals, location) for any future date. * Print monthly calendars. * Keep up with separate calendars (e.g., one for training, one for upcoming races). * Share calendars. * View my run calendar overlaid with a shared race calendar. * Pick from "pre-built" running plans for various distances and experience levels. * Allow new running plans to be community contributed. * Have it on the web so I can access it from anywhere. * Save calendar info in .ics format for integration with Outlook, iCalendar, etc. I've been thinking about this for a few days, but I haven't found anything like this online. If it doesn't exist, I may start writing it myself. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! BTW, I thought about posting this on the "Feature Requests" forum, but this seems like major new functionality, and Eric's already busy enough. Smile
      Evil grin Eric's never busy enough... Big grin These are great ideas that would improve the site and further Eric's mission of taking over the world RA being THE best online running log out there...

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        I would also love to see this - it's the main reason that I still hang onto the spreadsheet that I was using before RA.
          On Nikerunning.com there is something where you can choose a preset running schedule to train for an upcoming race (e.g. a 5k or up to a marathon) that I used for all of about 1 day a while ago... its kind of like an integrated calender thing you wanted... but then again, you have to go on the Nike site to get it... Why does all the good stuff have to be on an annoying website?
            Thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen NikeRunning.com before, but I agree with you: it's annoying!
              It's not specific to excercising or running, but the free Google Calender can do alot of what you mentioned. I use it, and it displays each "calendar" with a click of a box. I keep a Family one, My Running, Hubby's Running, My Health, High School, Elementary School, and whatever activities my boys are in at the momoent. And the best part - it's web-based, so it's easily accesible at work, too. And I imagine you could get it onto your phone, too.
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                Wow. That's a great idea. Google Calendar has an API so I can programmatically add events to calendars, query them, etc. That would dramatically simplify the amount of stuff I have to develop. I'll definitely look into that some more. Thanks!