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    I've been doing some reading about form and a little about running with level hips.  I am just getting over ITBS and as a result, I began reevaluating my form.  I noticed today watching my shadow that I have a lot of verticle hip movement.  I understand this to be relatively less economical.  I tried today to avoid it, but it seems ingrained. 


    For what its worth, I thought I was Mr. Running Form before this ITBS crap.  I have very little bounce in my gate, I regularly check my cadence and its right at 90, and I land fore/midfoot.  I was dissappointed to find out I was doing it wrong.


    Are there any drills? Any methods? Anything? Any information would be very helpful.

    finally Sub-3!!!

      Took me a little while to find a picture of this, but I knew I had one.  You can clearly see how low my recovery knee is relative to my other knee.  Granted, this is at the end of an ironman, so I am pretty spent. 


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      The picture caught me looking down as I was adjusting my number belt.  I dont run with my head down.


        I have read that the best way to prevent/improve this is to strengthen all of your core muscles; lower back, lats, abdominals, and glutes etc.


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          What made you realize your gait was wrong?

          ITBS can be caused by many different things and in my [amateur] opinion it would be rather difficult to completely strain a tendon simply by having an imperfect form. It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of what good form is so I would doubt that any minor changes will really prevent future injuries.

          I would recommend you take caution when trying to change your gait. Dropping your hips to maintain a smoother, more efficient gait could have some benefits but if you start messing with things like foot placement and pronation you can end up putting stress on areas that aren't so used to being used.

          finally Sub-3!!!

            What made you realize your gait was wrong?


            this is where I started.



            I'm not saying my ITBS was caused from this.  It could easily be a contributiory factor. 

            Regardless, if it is an inefficeint way to run I want to correct it.

              Ahhh, now I see what you mean.


              I would suggest keeping the hips low at all times. For me it feels almost like I am resting my upper body on top of the hips, kind of like a seated position with your back straight, hips low, engaging you glutes permanently. When you land with your feet under you, your center of gravity will be in your hips because all of your weight is balanced on them. An exaggerated version of this would be to stand up straight but bend your knees a little. While in this position, try running while keeping your hips at the same height by raising the knee in front of you and letting your foot land under your hips.

              finally Sub-3!!!

                 I just spent some timing looking through pics.  It seems pretty darned common. 


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