Snow not funny! (Read 1080 times)

    living all my life in the PNW anywhere from 5-30 miles from either Pacific Ocean or Puget Sound, just cannot begin to imagine that much snow

      We've had tons of snow these past few days. Tomorrow the sun comes out. But the high will be -3F. And the low -20F. yay. 


      This is why I am glad I take the metro everyday. 


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        snowing here NE of Seattle near foothills.  coming down pretty good, watch out if it keeps up we may have 2-3"  today.  watch out!!    close the hwys & schools, everybody stay inside!     ha ha      just poking abit of fun at our wimpy attitudes around here.  normally we don't get  much so its a major event when we do.   


        "snow not funny"  ?     well around here the general freaking out response is kinda funny.    so maybe 15' of snow is not funny, but the response over a few inches can be.    3 yrs ago our town of around 20,000 had record snowfall & the city's one & only snowplow broke.  That was kinda not funny.    what was worse is that we continued to have snow on/off for several weeks amidst daytime temps of mid 20's.  layers upon layers of ice & snow.  and as alot of you know our snow has a very high water content.  quite a mess.  still nothing compared to many parts of our country.  very fortunate to have a mild climate.


          Thank you all, the photo's have made me feel a lot warmer, we have sun frost but no snow so far so fingers crossed. We declare a National disaster if we get any snow.

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