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    Plus, we need a recipe it seems.
    Thanks for the welcome, guys. I'll probably lurk a bit as suggested - thank you. And as for that recipe, you'll find it here: http://www.nigella.com/recipes/recipe.asp?article=175 - (pips mean seeds, and when she says "dump the clementines - skins, pith, fruit and all - and give a quick blitz", she means in the food processor, though I've successfully used just a thorough mincing with a knife, though the chopping board does get a bit juicy). I recommend it very highly - it's gluten- and dairy-free for those of you who care about such things. Have a very good holiday season, y'all - I'm heading off tomorrow morning to spend Christmas with my relations, including my grumpy badtempered uncle. Paradoxically, my mileage always goes up during Christmas week - it gets me out of the house more often and for longer, you see. Smile

      Welcome you Iontach and FigBash!! I hope you two do lurk around for a while. I always enjoyed your posts. And any good running site can use a few more guru's can't it?

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        Hey Iontach and Figbash, hope you guys stick around, this be a good place with good people, and good advice. You can have too much food, but not too much food for thought. Arla

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