Coming Back to Training After 4 Weeks of Recovery from Surgery (Read 151 times)


    i hope your surgery is as successful as mine!  It is wonderful having my life back.  No more pain . . . the pain is only as a result of my sometimes "stupid" running! 


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      Update:  Surgery was on 02/14 and it went well.  In five days after surgery, I lost 11lbs (which I knew were an issue not related to my eating).  I recovered so well, the surgeon cleared me up for walking and biking at week 1.5 and today, 3 weeks after surgery, I ran 4 miles.


      The surgery was not a complete success as one of the causes for my surgery could not be removed do to it being attached to my bladder.  This means I will still experience some pain and I might need hormonal treatment.  This was not was I was hoping for but I will deal with it later, when the doctor thinks it's the right time.


      Overall, I feel better and even people that knew nothing about it have commented on how happy I look.  Ha.  Of course I'm ecstatic.


      Thanks for all the support and recommendations.



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        Best of luck in your recovery and return to running.

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          Can't imagine going through this. Glad to hear you are back running. Hopefully the bit attached to the bladder doesn't cause too much trouble. Keep at it!

            Keep coming back, Damaris!