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    I have been having trouble motivating myself to run fast. My running streak is up over 2 years now, but it's mostly easy/plodding runs. In college, I was able to get down to 15:30 for 3 miles and it is somewhat frustrating knowing what I am capable of, yet running around 8 min pace on my runs. Granted, college was over 5 years ago and I let myself get really out of shape before my current streak. I'd like to at least be able to get back under 20 mins or faster for a 5k next summer. Any tips on motivation?

      It looks like you do/run nearly the same distance every day. Have you tried a bit of variation in your distances and/or paces?  I know that if I run the same distance at the same pace every day I tend to get fatigued. I think it helps to have variation in paces and distance  as part of a weekly plan. I think you mix it up.


      If you're 5 years removed from college you have many fast years ahead of you.

        Five point plan


        1. Read Once a Runner

        2. Pick a race to rain for

        3. Make a training schedule

        4. Do an interval workout 1 or 2 times a week.  You don't need to have a track just do hard for 2 minutes and jog for 1.  More of a Fartlek, i guess.

        5. Vary distances.



        Take two and call me in the morning.

        2015 Goals:

        Get back to 80+ miles/week and 165 lbs.